At Hope Healing and Health we work hard to help each patient reach their best health. Read the testimonials below to see what others have to say about our services.

I’ve been an active wellness chiropractic patient for the last 6 years.  I believe that a proactive approach to one’s health is paramount in a lifelong plan for health and wellness.  I firmly believe that his philosophy regarding patient care and treatment is well aligned with my ideals of wellness for my future.  He has been the most thorough doctor I’ve ever had and always looks at the big picture and delivers his care based on a mutually discussed treatment plan.  He takes the necessary time with me at each visit to cover a variety of aspects of his treatment.  I feel very confident in his abilities with his extensive expertise in the health and wellness field.  I highly respect Dr. Eldridge for his level of patient care and the time he takes to educate me on how I can better take care of myself.  He incorporates many components to a healthy lifestyle in his treatment which makes him unique in his field.  I feel very fortunate to be one of his patients and highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a comprehensive approach to their overall health.

J.W.Hope, BC

I’ve been going to Sean for upper and lower back pain since my car accident last year. He has been helping my body heal and teaching me ways to strengthen muscles at home so I can move without pain more quickly. I always feel great relief and more mobile after every session. Thank you! 

J.B.Hope, BC

Through the years I have been to several chiropractors. There are only two who have been able to use Kinesiology (which is usually quite gentle yet very specific technique) to do adjustments. Dr. Eldridge is very, very good and I highly recommend him.

E.M.Hope, BC

Six months of continual back pain rendered my barely able to function. Assorted ineffective medications recommended by a doctor and a never-ending waiting list for physiotherapy gave way to desperation. A suggestion by another doctor to see a chiropractor scared me. Dr. Eldridge dispelled my fear with his patient, gentle and caring way. He explained every movement, muscle and technique. I was pain free within 4 sessions and utterly amazed! My after care is just as important, as I continue to heal and improve my health. I am so pleased to share such a positive experience. There is such warmth and welcoming in his office. Thank to all.

L.G.Hope, BC

Shawn is an excellent chiropractor. He is kind and patient, very gentle. Both he and his receptionist are efficient and polite people.

P.W.Hope, BC

I have been using Dr. Eldridge’s services since August 16th, 2013 once every 5 to 6 weeks for arthritic pain in my left shoulder. Since then I have had little or no pain. I would certainly recommend Dr. Eldridge to anyone requiring pain relief from arthritis.

P.S.Hope, BC

Chiropractic keeps my asthma and joint pain under control. With these treatments I am off my inhalers and pills most of the time. Thank you, Shawn.

M.L.Hope, BC