There are many treatment options that target the soft tissues of the body, each with its own merit. The vast majority of these techniques work to affect conditions related to the muscles, fascia, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body. Each technique can be effective when applied appropriately and when matched to the specific condition to be treated, and to the preferences of the individual being treated.

At Hope, Healing & Health we use Soft Tissue Therapy (STT) to compliment the work done during a chiropractic treatment, or we use it as a stand-a-lone service. Primarily we use such techniques as pressure/trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, and *Graston Therapy®.

The goal of all soft tissue therapy is to reduce tension and pain, improve muscular balance, normalize motion, improve function, and help achieve a better state of physical and emotional health.

* Please note that Dr. Eldridge has completed Module I and II of this particular technique.
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