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Thank you for your interest in our services. When it comes to improving your health you have many options to choose from. At Hope, Healing & Health we believe options are important. It can not only enhance an individual’s satisfaction with their health care experience, but in can also help improve health outcomes. We strive to make this a reality for our patients, and as such, provide a broad range of professional health services, which we are confident will help many people living and working in Hope, BC achieve better health.

Our goal is to maximize an individual’s innate, inborn potential to heal, be healthy, and experience an enhanced quality of life. We take great care to help make this possible. We are guided by our firm belief that through the honest, compassionate, and professional use of our services every individual can live a healthier more fulfilled existence.

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Through the years I have been to several chiropractors. There are only two who have been able to use Kinesiology (which is usually quite gentle yet very specific technique) to do adjustments. Dr. Eldr… Read more

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